SK #CAPE Whirly Girl (Medium)


Rose red blooms full, fall winds blow chill
Sweet petals scent the breeze
Swirling, floating, rising airborne
Crimson swirled shower, striptease

We're all about fun, synergistic dance of joy, whirling, twirling, cape floating on air! In a cape popping with riotous red, you'll do it in style! The rosy field stands alone, but the allure increases, every dip and twirl flashing glimpses of a masked warrior, intricately embroidered by Chinese artisans, then lavishly embellished with hand bearing. A button of lacquered jet shell adds the perfect finishing touch.

Whirl Until Dawn, All Thoughts Of Sleep Gone!

Main Fabric - Damask brocade featuring black-rimmed roses on a cream field
Lining - 100% silk charmeuse satin
Art Panel - Art Panel - Original drawing of Chinese theatrical mask hand embroidered by Chinese artisans, and further embellished with custom beading
Button - Black enameled coconut shell