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Dreamscape cultures, mystically aligned
Harmonized to sing in perfect rhyme
Lifestream melodies, order of our minds
Embrace across the void of
space and time

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Threads AW21

The Threads AW release embodies the strength, determination and mental resilience of the world. United we shared a year of collective isolation, social distancing and mask wearing. And the battle against Covid-19 continues. Threads AW metamorphosizes the strength and unity that communities have demonstrated this past year. Overcoming fear, enduring pain and loss and finding the strength to look to the future with optimism. AW21, the finishing line.

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Threads SS21

The Threads SS release brings light, luxury and an escapist sparkle to a turbulent year and an uncertain winter. The collection represents the threads of life, of joy and laughter, as embodied by the maypole braid. It is in memory of Susan’s sister, Linda, who provided the inspiration and strength for realising the collection.

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