SK #BOMBER Remembrance (S)


The red poppy is a flower which grows as a common weed in Great Britain and Europe, and has long been associated with WWI trench warfare battlefields in Belgian Flanders. Due to the efforts of American Moina Flanders, the poppy became recognized as a memorial symbol honoring those who died in battle. Stark red blooms against a snowy field bear stark testament to this memorial. Indian Textile Designer Suneetha/Bhaavana's brilliant creation using techniques of traditional embroidery, crochet and passementerie exemplifies the symbolic tradition of wearing poppy flowers on November 11, Remembrance Day. Jewelry designer Ronda Terry's kiln-fired dichroic glass button adds the perfect finishing touch.

Never Forget . . .

Main Fabric - Cream silk dupioni with an overlay of poppy-red French guipure

Lining - Red coral on a field of cream silk satin

Art Panel - Original work of Indian Textile Designer Suneetha/Bhaavana utilizing multiple techniques of embroidery, origami and passementerie

Button - Kiln-fired dichroic glass by American jewelry artist Ronda Terry