SK #CAPE Achoo! (M)


My light shines bright where'er I roam
Flit, flutter, dip and soar
Bearing pollen, bloom to bloom
Achoo! Long life to flowers!

Butterflies in frenzied flight, all color and shine and sparkling motion, beauty that stands alone. But it gets better, for hidden in a pleated fold is a Bird of Paradise, exquisitely hand embroidered by Chinese artisans, and further enhanced with lavish custom bead work. A multi-paneled silk lining completes the ensemble, and a jeweled technicolor button adds the perfect finishing touch.

Shine The Light!

Main Fabric - Overlapping layers of vivid metallic butterflies

Art Panel - Original drawing of a Bird Of Paradise hand embroidered by Chinese artisans, further embellished with custom beading

Lining - 100% Silk satin stitched in contrasting harlequin stripes