SK #LONG Tree Of Butterfly Delight (Small)


My leafy foliage never fails
To herald Spring, decree
That winter's cold, for now, has gone
What am? A Tree!

And what a tree, a haven for butterflies fluttering beneath the surface and bursting forth in bejeweled glory in the meticulously hand embroidered and beaded creation of Chinese artisans. This fantasy tree takes on a symbiotic life of its own with its bevy of bustling butterflies. A jeweled button of cut stone and gold work by jewelry designer Ronda Terry completes the ensemble.

Spread Your Wings And Fly . . .

Main Fabric - Laser cut layering of leaves on an organza base

Lining - Graphic of butterflies on a cream field

Art Panel - Original drawing of a field of butterflies hand embroidered by Chinese artisans and further embellished with custom beading

Button - Cut stone layered with enameled metal lace and semi-precious gemstones