SK #LONG Stormy Weather (S)


Storm cloud, ferocious, thunderous gray
Shield pop-olicious pink
Wrist flick, neon confection show
Quick! Miss it if you blink!

Imagine if within every raging thunderstorm resided a kaleidoscopic fireworks display? and every flash of lightening put it on display? Seeing is believing as just such a magnificent display takes exquisite form in a jacket of muted grays and rainbow flashes. Indian Textile Designer Suneetha/Bhaavana's exquisite tapestries employ techniques of ribbon work, beading and passementerie. A gleaming Druzy stone button adds the perfect finishing touch.

I Get My Kicks From Stormy Weather!

Main Fabric - 3-d sculpted effect featuring fiber bonding and ruching techniques

Lining - 100% silk charmeuse satin

Art Panels - Original work of Indian Textile Designer Suneetha/Bhaavana utilizing techniques of ribbon work, appliqué and beading

Button - Teardrop amethyst stone rimmed in druzy crystals