SK #LONG Song of The Mountains and Steppes (M)


The music of the Central Asian country Kazakhstan is an essential ingredient of its rich cultural traditions, and the two-stringed dombra takes center stage in most musical presentations. The pastoral scene of a young man with his dombra is depicted in brilliant hand embroidery by Chinese artisans. The allure is heightened with beaded embellishment, and completed with a hand-forged, bejeweled and enameled button by American jewelry artist Ronda Terry.

There's A Song In The Air . . .

Main Fabric - Hand-loomed Thai silk

Lining - 100% silk charmeuse satin

Art Panel - Original drawing by a Kazakh artist of a young musician playing his dombra hand embroidered by Chinese artisans and further embellished with custom beading

Button - Enameled copper discs bound with semi-precious jewels kiln forged by
American jewelry artist Ronda Terry