SK #LONG Sometimes I'm A Tiger . . . (L)


The Bengal tiger is the national animal of India, revered for its beauty, grace and independent spirit. Mythical lore holds that a "weretiger" transforms into a human being, just as a werewolf morphs between human and wolf. A tiger by night, in the morning light a ... Master Gardener? This weretiger's human character is revealed in s glimpse beneath its striped facade in Indian Textile Designer Suneetha/Bhaavana's creation in silk. Using multiple techniques of mirror work, ribbon embroidery, appliqué and silk embroidery, she paints a riotous palette of flowers and butterflies, a spectacular display for the stately garden. Jewelry artist Ronda Terry's kiln-fired dichroic glass button adds a sparkle of allure.

Sometimes I Just Want To Be Myself . . .

Main Fabric - Cotton fabric featuring a pattern of tiger stripes

Lining - 100% silk charmeuse satin

Art Panel - Original work of Indian Textile Designer Suneetha/Bhaavana utilizing multiple techniques of shisha work, ribbon work, embroidery and applique

Button - Kiln-fired dichroic glass button by American jewelry artist Ronda Terry