SK #LONG Bodacious In Brocade (S)


Bedecked and baubled, make a stand
Bodacious in brocade
Clothes make the girl, 'least make her feel,
Bright star in her parade!

Muted shades of mauve create the perfect foil for luxurious silken velvet leopard. Indian Textile Designer Suneetha/Bhaavana's exotic tapestry adds tot the allure with an explosion of color using multiple techniques of traditional embroidery, passementerie and crochet. Jewelry designer Ronda Terry's kiln-fired dichroic glass button adds the sparkling finish.

You Go Girl!

Main Fabric - Batik fabric from Indonesia created using techniques of wax resist
and fabric dyes

Art Panel - Indian Textile Designer Suneetha/Bhaavana’s creation of silk-on-silk flower origami,
accented with spherical orbs and a tassel of Moroccan silk.

Button - Jewelry artist Ronda Terry's hand-forged etched copper button