Susan Hollingsworth


Susan designs wearable pieces of art, each one telling a unique story through the hands of skilled artisans from cultures around the globe. She is the founder & CEO of Sukaz Jackets.

Functional. Beautiful. Unique...

. . . the characteristics of each jacket in the SuKaz collection. Susan Hollingsworth, SuKaz creator and designer, brings together a team of craftswomen skilled in the centuries-old techniques of fiber art, a genre of fine art executed in textile and fiber.

Fiber art encompasses innumerable artistic methods ranging from quilting, embroidery, weaving, spinning, knitting appliqué and felting to name a few. Rather than simply emphasize the finished product, fiber art also focuses on the artisan’s creativity and execution as part of the works’ significance.

SuKaz jackets go one step further, creating unique works of wearable art with both aesthetic value and function. Conceptualized and designed by Susan, created in the hands and hearts of talented artisans, the garments weave unique scenes and stories that transcend place and time.

Ecstatically Ikat Button jacket button collage

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