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Spritely Spirit


An English bride stands on the threshold of her dream coming true as depicted in silk origami by Indian textile designer Suneetha/Bhaavana. Curtained in rich layers of silk and organza, the scene is complemented with touches of beading and embroidery, and finished with a sparkle in the kiln-fire button by American jewelry artist Ronda Terry. And they lived happily ever after...

Main Fabric: Fashioned after a vintage design from Jaipur, India, featuring khambadiya patchwork embroidery including elements of beadwork, studs, patchwork, raised colored thread work and embroidery.

Lining: 100% silk charmeuse satin.

Art Panel: Original work of Indian Textile Designer Suneetha/Bhaavana utilizing multiple techniques of silk floral origami, button crafting, embroidery and applique

Button: Star shaped agate rimmed in druzy crystals.