Susan Hollingsworth


From her southern roots in Natchez, Mississippi to the far reaches of the globe, Susan Hollingsworth’s life has taken her to places most people only dream about.  The colorful narrative of her experiences is a tapestry of the places she has lived in and traveled to, just as the stories woven by each of her jackets.

A graduate in English from Louisiana State University, Susan has always had a flair for storytelling.  Her years spent living in countries throughout Africa, Europe and Central Asia introduced her to the cultural practices of fiber art and the techniques employed to turn textile and fiber into visual stories.  Susan’s vision of SuKaz Jackets began during her years living in Kazakhstan as a means to showcase the beauty of Kazakh freestyle embroidery.  A subsequent move to London gave her the opportunity to bolster her endeavor with classes at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design, and further study with a private tutor in pattern making.  SuKaz designs of wearable art jackets each tells a unique story, with threads of ancient traditions interwoven with flashes of contemporary elegance.

Susan now makes her home in The Woodlands, Texas.   Impassioned by the treasures collected on her travels, she pours her heart and soul into collaborating with skilled artisans in their creation of one-of-a-kind apparel narratives.  Classic and elegant, each SuKaz jacket is a modern-day tribute to the timeless appeal of centuries-old fiber art techniques.

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