Ronda Terry

Multi-talented jewelry artist Ronda Terry works magic in her Michigan studio, conjuring delicacy and beauty from bits of rough metal, raw gemstones, and broken glass. Each of her exquisite creations is forged using caustic chemicals, 1500 degree heat, and a master’s hand. Ronda fashions a range of jewelry, dichroic glass tile, and buttons using techniques of kiln firing, enameling, casting and etching.

In collaboration with SuKaz, Ronda creates a unique line buttons bringing all of her skills into play. The buttons are sparkling gemsranging from layered dichroic glass, to enameled metal disks, and castings formed in wax molds, all embellished with cabochons and faceted gemstones. Whatever the process, each is individually conceived, carvedand polished, and takes on a life of its own.

And each brings its own brand of magic to a Sukaz jacket.

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